Are you involve on modelling just for fun? or had you ever comision gunplas for others that like me think your work is amazing and would like to have a masterpiece created by your hands?
I have done some commission work in the early days, but now i’m just enjoying the hobby and trying to inspire other to try out building gunpla themselves rather then asking others to commission for them.

sengoku-unicorn-crimson-shura-new-018CHAMP GUNDAM OF MID YEAR CONTEST MALASYA 2015
another important thing i would like to know is, where you get your stuff in your country, do you buy online or you buy stuff on your local stores?
Well now days modelers in malaysia is much fortunate because more shops is appearing compare to the past.
I usually got my stuff at local hobby shop.
I rarely buy online unless there is bulk order among my friends.
If you buy online what places do you recomend? 
HLJ and Hobby Search is mostly the general place to go for international wise. 
how good is the supply of stuff for modelling there?, you found anything you like or you have to look other countries for some stuff you can get there?
The local shops that i go to their supply is rather good, most of the stuff i need to work with is there. Unless its a limited stuff or no one rarely use then i have no choice to order at other countries.


What part on the process of working with a figure do you think is maybe the most important?
Call me old fashion but for me the process of working most important is the foundation or the basics example removal of nip mark, seam line, parting line, gaps, Sanding, tidiness, and etc.
Till this moment what do you think it was the challenger gunpla you ever put toghether and get it done?
The most challenging work I’ve put together goes to my 2013 GBWC entry ‘ Delta plus striker system ver ‘. this work is the most kits i have use to bash together with more then 6 boxes of kit been use, also my first time trying out on LED.
Here we end the second part of our interview, if you want to know more about this gunpla artist & see more of his works, please don t forget to follow the next article about him that wil be realease on JUN 16 2015 15:00 PM (BOGOTa, lima quito pacific time).

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