A few days ago we have the luck to interviewing before his championship tittle to one of the most carismatic, humbles and top modellers i ever know and have the honor to chat.

In my commitment  to expand the barriers of modelling in to my country and all latina american region and let modelling touch the lives of many people as posible, from all ages, and backgrounds, i bring this closer look to the Mid Champ of Malasya ZERO 1st i hope this inspire to all my readersn to give you 100% on every creation you make, and help you to create incredible and artistic pieces.


Hi dear friend Zero 1st.
First of all I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of interviewing you, it is such an honor have a few words with an expert GUNDAMBUILDER like you.
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I would like to know more about, would you present yourself, a short bio of you will be great, we will like to know too where are you from and how involve on gunpla modelling are you in your country?
Well my real name is Lim Shermen (32) and I also go by the name ‘ Zero1st ’ in the modelling community. I am an anime fan, a Mecha enthusiast,  and a graphic designer.
I’m from Malaysia a multiracial tropical county at south east asia.
Me and couple of friends run a scale modeling group call ‘ Pla-zone ‘ where modelers can share and discuss their work and knowledge with others.
I want to know how you get into modelling, on what time in life you see that you had the skills and started with your passion for modelling?
Since small i was a Mecha enthusiast, major influence by tv anime in the late 80’s like Mazinger, Getter Robot, Transformers, Macross, Voltron, and etc.
Other then that i’m very into art and craft during my child hood time so with that modelling eventually came to me.
I started modelling during the late 90’s but that was on and off situation because I was still a student at that time and money was hard to come by.
Only when during my college days around 2003 i ve engage back modelling because of college activity and that is when my modelling passion really started .
when you started it, did you had someone like a teacher or mentor that lead you and help you developed your skills?
During the late 90’s when i first started there was no one to learn from about modelling techniques only try and error with either passionate friends in school or my self.
Only when during my college days, there are some senior and lecturer in my modeling club giving some basic proper tips to spark off my modelling passion.
After that all was by self learning in the internet, forum, hobby magazine, and lots of trial and error.
If you didnt tell me them where you get your knowledge from forums or youtube videos etc?
When i first have access to the internet youtube and other social media was still very new, the only place to go look for modelling knowledge is either modelling forums ( example – ZeroG (malaysia), Plamo (singapore), HKML (hong kong)) or Japan modeler blogs (example – keita, nblood, ver. Ma, shinmoke). 
Do you know how many custom Gunpla had you work and finish?
Up till this date i think around 20 pieces….  Im a slow builder..  Lol 
Here in latin America the gunpla modelling is years ago from your continent so i would like to know more about the more skillfull techniques that you use, like for example Kitbash, creating parts from zero etc?
This is kinda tricky to answer. At first i’m more into proportion and shape modification using pla plates and putty, then move on into intense detailing with either pla plates, optional parts or anything else, then now more towards Kitbash. You can said one thing leads to another.
Here we end the firts part of our interview, if you wantto know more about this gunpla artist & see more of his works, please don t forget to follow the next article about him that wil be realease on JUN 16 2015 15:00 PM (BOGOTa, lima quito pacific time).

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